Raphaël Gilot - Portfolio

Fairytale Fights Arcade

An arcade freefall game. I worked on two levels, Mountain Flank and Volcano Tunnel.
For Mountain Fklan, my objective was to make a nice and relaxing level.
I tried to tell a story throughout the level : The birth and death of a River. First, a desertic, rocky and unfriendly area filled with lava. Then, a little river appears, vegetation starts to grow here and there and the environment becomes more welcoming. Trees replace rocks. Water replaces lava. Then the river grows, and lush forests give way to living creatures territory. Here, a beaver nest through which the player can fall. Lower, appears civilization and its Lumberjacks. Finally, the water falls into a big lakes that itselfs pours into the see.
The objective of the player is to collect as many coins as possible in one run.

For Volcano Tunnel, the objective was to make a fast run level; Fall down the Volcano Tunnel as fast as possible, avoiding different kinds of obstacles.
The Feeling is a little bit claustrophobic and there are a few shortcuts the player can take if he has the skills, as those routes will be harder. As for the previous level, Volcano Tunnel tells a story. The many Lumberjacks are working and living inside the volcano and the player, as he falls down the level, can see all their activities.