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UDK Challenge

A UDK challenge I was given 6 days to accomplish.
The objective of the challenge goes as follow:

"Vandals is a First Person Shooter set in Ancient Greece where all mythological creatures exist. The player is a futurist Soldier of Fortune accidentally sent in this past. Think God of War meets Gears of War. The goal is to force Zeus to send you back to your time.
You are asked to build a mock-up with the Unreal Development Kit of a chunk of a level.
This chunk should represent 5-10 minutes of gameplay.
You will build the topography, add as many events as you want and place different Pawns indicating the game elements you will briefly describe in a separate note.
Don’t bother with Main Character 3Cs, a simple overview is enough.
The theme of this chunk is: the Minotaur’s labyrinth.
The goal is to find the exit of the labyrinth."

Here's the result:

You can Download the map here.
You can Download the Level Design Doc here

I first drawed some sketches of the level with SketchUp. This tool is very useful to get really quickly an idea of what the level will look like and to show efficiently that idea to the rest of the team.