Raphaël Gilot - Portfolio
Legacy of Kain - Dead Sun

"I worked with Raph for six months on an Unreal Engine 3 project at Climax. Raph showed excellent knowledge of UE3, working rapidly and effectively to produce level greyboxes and implement prototype gameplay. A hard worker, Raph delivered fast results under pressure and put in extra effort above and beyond the expected. A conscientious approach to the restrictions of cutting-edge level design meant Raph's work was always well thought out and justified. Raph has an amazingly open and confident disposition and never seemed overawed by opportunities to present his work to peers and leads. He will be a vibrant and effective addition to any design team."

Robert McLachlan, Lead Level Designer

"Raphael is a very talented and keen Designer. He is very knowledgeable in the Unreal Engine as well as Level Design as a whole. Raphael gets on well with everyone, always happy, his smile and attitude infectious, he is a great guy to be around both inside the work place and out, and I can honestly say I hope to work with him again in the future."

Chris Green, Senior Level Designer

"Raphael is a hard, diligent worker. He had some excellent ideas concerning level design, and executed those ideas with skill and knowledge of the engine. He's a friendly, happy guy who everybody liked, and when late nights and overtime had to be done to ensure the project met deadlines, Raph was always willing to work above and beyond."

James Smythe, Narrative Designer